Saturday, October 8, 2016

Targeting Your Resume – Baseline Considerations

Your resume is not about you. Your resume is about what you can offer the employer. 

Employees help employers make a profit, or enhance government operations. While you may have the desired skills a business/government organization needs, it does not ensure your longevity in a business/organization over time. Keep your resume polished, you may need to find another job.

Your resume should answer the needs identified in the job opening; nothing more.  Being clear and concise increases the odds of your resume landing you a job, or an interview. Resumes indicate how you communicate, as well as how you think and organize information.

Resumes do not necessarily win you a job; resumes get you interviewed for a job. Interviews test what you know about the hiring organization. Do you fit in the organizational culture? Do you really have the qualifications you say you have, etc?

Your resume should clearly address the following considerations:
  • ·       Your experience relative to the job
  • ·       Vignettes on how you provided value to employers in prior jobs.
  • ·       Ensure you include the key words identified in the job requirement in the resume. Machines and recruiters are looking for key words matching the job requirement.
  • ·       Ensure you put the key job requirements at the top of the resume.
  • ·       Each resume you submit, needs to be specifically tailored for the specific job requirements.

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