Friday, October 7, 2016

Blogging Your Way to a Job

Blogging Your Way to a Job

Getting a job can be challenging, especially if you do not have the right points of contact in the right circles you want to gain access. And, even if you did get a job without this kind of access, you may be offered low pay due to a lack of credibility, experience and trust…all three being inextricably linked.

From the employer side; employees are liabilities. Employees want certain types of pay and benefits. Employees can be unpredictable, unreliable and untrustworthy. Employees often take on a job from a what’s in it for me perspective, without considering what the employee can do for the employer. This means one thing to an employer in its totality; it’s called risk. And, any risk that prevents an employer from achieving a profit is an intolerable risk.

There’s a way to mitigate the impact of these challenges through the use of social media. This approach allows you to gain exposure, build some trust, and well as some credibility. Social media can be an ice-breaker that can gain you face-to-face access to a person, or community of people whereby you can increase the odds of getting the employment opportunity you seek.


Blogging affords you an opportunity to display your level of expertise to an audience. Like-minded professionals may gain interest in what you convey and begin to follow you. You can amplify your blogging by having your posts disseminated via the variety of social media tools that can lead to the creation of a tribe. Tying your blog post to professional sites like LinkedIn, related online professional media, etc can extend the range of your audience, by sharing with your professional connections, and any professional online communities associated with the site, as well as other sites for that matter.

Build Trust

People follow you when they begin to trust you. When people trust you, you then have the basis for establishing relationships. This can be especially true if your blog posts provide solutions to problems, challenges and touchpoints your followers are contending with. Trust is amplified when you are consistent and focused. Don’t let your message get lost in the minutiae of a website; ensure your posts are aligned with your theme. Additionally, keep relevant posts grouped in some type of form to amplify your message and broaden the benefit of your knowledge and experiences. It’s a challenge, but one not to be ignored. 

Eventually, people may want to hire you for small jobs, which can lead to other building block opportunities.  This is where you start building credibility.

Build Credibility

This is your real goal. If you are credible, you are going to be desired. If you are desired, you gain a reputation as a provider of goods and services. If you have a job already, your value can increase exponentially. But your value is tied to the value of the services you provide. And, as you continue providing quality work, your credibility will sustain itself.

Additionally, credibility can serve as a form of inertia. Your reputation spreads, opportunities surface that lead to more opportunities.

However, when you fail to connect to other people, via mediums like blogging, you start to become an unknown quantity again. This can be a problem should you be in the need to seek growth elsewhere.

All along the way you are building relationships. And, it’s relationships that get you the jobs and opportunities you seek. Blogging is just one mechanism to help you build relationships.

Some great references regarding these types of issues are:

Linchpin by Seth Godin – This book is about how to make yourself a need, not a want. Seth gives readers tips and reasons why they need to make themselves indispensable. by Pat Flynn. I’ve been watching this gent’s business grow over the last six years. Pat is real deal, and he responds to emails and tweets.  He started his online business when he received word he was going to lose his job. He eventually made Forbes magazine without his parent’s help.


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