Monday, October 13, 2014

Unique Links For Fredericksburg, Virginia and the Local Area

Hello All and a Happy Columbus Day to you.  Below are some links I think a number of you will find of value regarding links of interest to you, your family and/or business.

If you are working to stand up a new business, creating new networks and/or want access to local training used by local business professionals, check out the Chamber of Commerce link.  The University of Mary Washington also offers business development assistance in the form of understanding various types of contracting mechanisms whether they be government, or civilian.  The Expo Center link is an excellent resources for local shows, job and business related events.  Did you know your local library has business research tools available to you?  Visit your local library and ask for assistance from the librarian researchers. 

Coupons…I use them, and so might you.  This link puts you in touch with coupons online, vice having to let paper pile up in your mail box.  You will see discount related information for everything from restaurants to business services…check it out.

Looking for a job, and/or want to understand what certain jobs are paying in the areas your search.  Check out this link.

Business - Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce
Business - Small Business Development Center - Local
Business n Family - Fredericksburg Expo Center
Business n Family - Library - local, business and law
Coupons - Local
Jobs - local and anywhere


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