Saturday, October 16, 2021

Stop Being Manipulated - Notes Attached

 Stop Being Manipulated - Notes Attached

Hello; here’s an item I want to share with people; particularly those transitioning from the military to civilian/commercial worlds.

Part of being a high performer involves being able to deal with people, including difficult people.  In the military, there are direct mechanisms and approaches that can be employed to mitigate manipulation, subversion, coercion and harassment. You have rank; the Uniform Code of Military Justice; you can write Memorandums for the Record; you have also a culture that does not leave much room for such activity.

Power structures are more fluid in the commercial/civilian world, and we all need to adapt our experience to continue forth with success.

Responses to manipulation, subversion, coercion and harassment is not clear cut in the outside world. So, you may find yourself unprepared in dealing with such issues. 

All this to say there may be good reasons for interpersonal tension, but such tension should be managed in a constructive manner to enhance a mission. However, sometimes tension leads to a toxic work situation.  Even seasoned professionals may begin to doubt themselves; I being one of them.

You would think as a professional in an industry with close engagements with people one would know all the right answers for dealing with difficult people, but you may find yourself surprised when it happens to you, and the entities you are engaging are supposed to be on your side.   

Here are some notes I gleaned from book some time ago to assist others learning new interpersonal engagement strategies – Stop Being Manipulated.

Search your local library or visit Amazon to find a copy of Stop Being Manipulated via

Cheers to you and Happy Counter Subversion. Notes follow...

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