Sunday, November 2, 2014

Air Filters, Fire Alarms, Garage Door and Water System- Fall/Winter Checks

Think - Air Filters, Heating System Inspections, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Water Systems and Garage Door Openers
Hello everyone, its time to start preparing your house for the winter. There are several things you need to do to ensure your house runs well, and safe.
First, you need to arrange to have your heating system checked out to ensure it is running efficiently by a local heating and cooling technician. Second, you need to go outside and ensure there are no obstructions around your heating system so that way air is flowing freely.  Once you do that, you want to go inside the house and change out your air filters. Air filters should be changed out about every 90 days unless you have some kind of specialized filters that can be reused.  
Next thing you want to do, is change out all the batteries on your emergency warning systems. I'm talking about changing out batteries for your fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and smoke alarms throughout your house. And also, don't forget about changing the battery to your garage door keypad. I can't tell you how inconvenient it can be on the batteries run out on your garage door keypad on a cold rainy day - the door will not open.
And, one thing you might want to consider while you change out your batteries and your filters. If you have wood floors I highly recommend using rubber mats you could purchase through Amazon or through Walmart. I'm talking about the pads the people like to use for gyms or weight rooms. These pads are about 1 inch thick and they protect your floor from anything you might drop such as batteries or tools, or even the filter door covers so you don't hit your floor and scratch them up. Depending on the size your home, floor repairs can run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to about $4000… Very expensive.
Last, if you live out in the county, you want to make sure that if you use a well water system for your home that you fill up the salt supply. You should check on your salt levels frequently that way your water system doesn't corrode because of hard water.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Unique Links For Fredericksburg, Virginia and the Local Area

Hello All and a Happy Columbus Day to you.  Below are some links I think a number of you will find of value regarding links of interest to you, your family and/or business.

If you are working to stand up a new business, creating new networks and/or want access to local training used by local business professionals, check out the Chamber of Commerce link.  The University of Mary Washington also offers business development assistance in the form of understanding various types of contracting mechanisms whether they be government, or civilian.  The Expo Center link is an excellent resources for local shows, job and business related events.  Did you know your local library has business research tools available to you?  Visit your local library and ask for assistance from the librarian researchers. 

Coupons…I use them, and so might you.  This link puts you in touch with coupons online, vice having to let paper pile up in your mail box.  You will see discount related information for everything from restaurants to business services…check it out.

Looking for a job, and/or want to understand what certain jobs are paying in the areas your search.  Check out this link.

Business - Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce
Business - Small Business Development Center - Local
Business n Family - Fredericksburg Expo Center
Business n Family - Library - local, business and law
Coupons - Local
Jobs - local and anywhere


Thursday, May 1, 2014

How One Woman Paid Off $23,000 Of Debt In 15 Months - Yahoo Finance

 Paying off $23,000 of Debt in Under 18 Months- Key Points

  • Plan for a spending fast

    • Create a “wants and needs list”

    • The “wants and needs list” should be specific to each person to ensure each person can best stay on the fast

    • Have a flex account for “non-needs”

    • If you are a natural spender, like many Americans, you will be tempted to break the fast

    • For more information about how this plan worked, visit the Amazon book link below     

Here's the book produce by the subject of the article 

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