Saturday, August 22, 2020

The Batman Effect and Alter Egos - A Self-Improvement Article Summary

The Batman Effect and Alter Egos - A Self-Improvement Article Summary

Article discusses the benefits of creating and leveraging alter-egos to get through self-limiting beliefs and self-defeating actions. This article is not only thinking about role models, but living through them. 

Alter-egos serve as mental models/heuristics to overcome deeply embedded emotional and psychological blockages undermining our way to personal achievement. You goal is to transform yourself into the higher achiever you want to be. Be your own superhero. 

The byproduct of this approach can mitigate stress/anxiety by keeping you focused on the strategic vision, self-control and objectivity.


- Batman - Pretending you have the inner strength, confidence, character, logic and creativity of Batman

- Jesus Christ - Pretending you are Jesus when interacting with human kind with compassion despite being treated poorly- maintaining the high ground

- Bodybuilder/Athlete - Focus eating healthy, taking care of your mental, spirtual and physical health

- Saints - religious saints; there are saints of soldiers, craftsman, sailors, etc. They help religious followers who follow similar paths get through adversity.

Source: Robson, David. The ‘Batman Effect’: How having an alter ego empowers you. 17Aug20.

Updated: 22Aug20

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