The Natural Menopause Solution - A Positive Experience

The Editors of Prevention Magazine and co-author Dr Melinda Ring published a book many families may find useful as the lady of the home begins to transition into, and through, menopause. The book is the Natural Menopause Solution: Expert Advice for Melting Stubborn Midlife Pounds, Reducing Hot Flashes, and Getting Relief from Menopause Symptoms.                      

My beautiful wife of 25 years began this transition about a year ago. Over that period of time she’s suffered through a number of difficult changes. However, she purchased the Menopause Solution book and began following the recommendations and insights to mitigate challenges often faced by women going through menopause.  My wife has experienced the following benefits after applying lessons from the book.

By monitoring and adapting her diet, she’s…
-Lost weight; for my wife it went from a size 10 to a size 6.
-She’s pretty much eliminated her hot flashes
-Her memory is not as fuzzy as when she first entered menopause
-The fatigue one feels when experiencing menopause has pretty much gone away
-Bloating/bloating feelings have dissipated
-Body aches have decreased
-Her complexion has cleared

What is she doing to achieve these successes? She’s exercising daily for about 30 minutes a day and following the food recommendations made in the book. She’s learned that food is about chemistry; chemistry that causes actions and reactions within the body that contributes to one’s overall health and feeling healthy.

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